Loop Monitoring

We provide loop monitoring services for cardiac symptoms in USA and Canada. This allows seeing brief changes in the heart rhythm.

Equipment Used: Presymptom Memory Loop Recorders

Monitoring Process:

This cardiac loop monitoring device will continuously record and erase data. The data will be saved only when a patient feels a symptom. Patient pushes the button and this device will record data few minutes before, during and after the symptom occurs.

Our registered cardiology technologists will make use of recorded data and will analyze it with loop monitoring software made by Philips. This software helps us to run a prospective scanning, which allows analyzing the data as we see rather than after the fact. This also enables us to look for things like prolonged PR interval.

We only charge for the Holter scan service. We do not charge you for leasing the equipment. We also offer discounts on large volumes of scanning services availed.
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