Holter Monitoring

We provide Holter monitoring services for cardiac patients in USA and Canada. Physicians can avail our services to monitor their patient’s electrical activity of the cardiovascular system. Holter monitoring can be held right at the physician office rather than leading patients to lengthy waits in queue.


Equipment Used: Holter Monitoring Device

Monitoring Process:

The portable Holter monitor device is attached on the patient’s body for 24 hours. The various data regarding the electrical cardiovascular activities are recorded in the device. We are having a team of registered cardiology technologists. They will monitor and analyze the data created by 24 hours monitoring of patients cardiovascular functions. They will provide a report within 24 hours on getting the data.

We only charge for the Holter scan service. We do not charge you for leasing the equipment. We also offer discounts on large volumes of scanning services availed.
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